Legal Cookies

Whilst visiting our website your security is always our primary concern. We aim to always ensure that you never need too worry about privacy or security, the same should be for any website you visit – large or small. The cookies we use on our site do not store or collect any personally identifiable information about you.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites or sometimes by emails. They provide useful information to companies, which helps in all sorts of ways. For you, it means you can use sites more efficiently and save time by not having to re-enter your details each time you visit. For us, cookies help us to analyse how our customers interact with our site so we can make improvements, which can benefit you and us.

We use one type of cookie on this site

Session Cookies – these are deleted when you close your browser or remain off our site for a certain time. At present, the way we use these cookies are not essential for our site to function correctly.

You can accept or block cookies

You can block any cookies from any website through your browser settings. For more information about how to disable cookies in your browser please visit the About cookies website.

If you share the use of a computer, accepting or rejecting the use of cookies will affect all users of that computer.

Flash Cookies

These cookies make it quicker and easier for you to access sites on subsequent visits that use Flash technology. Deleting them means you may have to re-enter information each time you visit the same site. But just like any cookie, you can delete Flash cookies by going to the Settings Manager for your Adobe Flash Player. You will be taken to the Adobe website, which lists the websites with the cookies in your browser. Just click Delete opposite the relevant website.

Find out more

You’ll find more information about cookies at, which gives details on how to delete cookies from your computer. For information on how to do this on your mobile phone browser, please see your handset manual.