Our Guide Why do I need expert advice?

According to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, the presence of a lawyer meant that the final settlement was around 200 per cent more than if the injured claimant had accepted the first offer made by an insurer.

We also work in conjunction with a number of professionals including doctors, costs consultants, specialist accident investigators and barristers who have a wealth of experience.

We work in partnership with rehabilitation co-ordinators Unite Professionals http://www.uniteprofessionals.co.uk/ who have years of experience working with the victims of scooters, motorcycles and mopeds accidents who can arrange to assess you and organise treatment as quickly as possible to help you get back to work and normal life as soon as possible. This will not cost you anything.

You will need help to ensure you get the right advice to receive maximum compensation and to ensure your claim is progressed as efficiently as possible.

If you do have any more questions then please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of my team on 0333 200 4605 or email enquiries@camlegalservices.co.uk